Thank You, 2016. You were a knock out.

At the end of last year, I decided that 2016 was going to be my YES year. I would say yes to new opportunities, to things that were possibly a bit scary, to people I loved, and to filling my life with as many experiences as I could. There were definitely moments of defeat, but in retrospect, they are now all bookended by chapters of victory.  

Some of the best things about the year have been the new friendships I've made, and every time I chose to be present instead of worry about what was outside of my immediate control. 

It feels timely that I finally caught Rogue One on the last day of the year. I was reminded that as much as we try to do and be, there is a greater purpose that we must fulfil; that even if we are but stardust in this massive creation that is the universe, even the tiniest of specks can create hope and effect change. 

For 2017, I hope all of us reach for hope a little more and be unafraid of the night. It's in the darkness that we see the stars. 

Now, to spend this day with the stars in my life who shine even in the bright.

Here's to 2017, everyone. Happy New Year!