Our Love.

Once upon a time, it seemed like everything in the world was against us. In fact, sometimes the very things that stood between us were ourselves; so sure about who we were and what we wanted that it scared even us. But everyday, as sure as the sun rises, I am grateful that we are fighters. That we fought hard for this, for love, for us. So that now I have you.

Always yours.

Art is Magic

It’s funny how as little as they are, kids know exactly what they like. Zola Mae reminds me every day that she needs to wear an outfit that allows her to twiiiirl. No pants, no shorts - unless of course it’s paired with a flared top that still keeps that twirl factor high. You wouldn’t believe the effort it takes to convince her that maybe wearing some shorts to the playground would make for a nice change.

And Ari Jon. Play that boy some Barney or Sesame Street and that grumpy little face I’m so fond of… well, it goes nowhere. It’s the rhythm and beat of soul music that keeps his little feet dancing and a smile on his cheeky face. Kevin played him a soul song once, and he’s never looked back.

Up until quite recently, I thought that maybe all their little preferences were things they inherited from us. And then a conversation with Zola made me realize that they didn’t necessarily take to everything that we exposed them to, it was the things that held some magic that they fell in love with. I don’t know how I missed that before because that’s exactly why I fell in love with music when I was growing up. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, Etta James – they were all magic to me.

I still get that feeling when I experience the unexpected and that’s why I’m so excited to bring the kids out to an amazing initiative put together by the National Arts Council happening from the 10th – 27th November, Arts in Your Neighbourhood - a programme that takes place in March and November every year that aims to bring enriching arts experiences closer to where we live, work and play, sometimes in places unexpected.

We’ve marked our calendar for these shows.

The Enchanted Flute. A tale of a tranquil Malay Village on a tiny island that is abruptly disrupted by the arrival of huge ships docking at its shores. Sound familiar? Only this time the story will be told through the use of puppets at the iconic West Coast and Pasir Ris Park playgrounds! Show info: 19 November 4pm/6pm at West Coast Park, 26 November 4pm/6pm at Pasir Ris Park.

The Enchanted Flute


The Three Belles. Using their unique sway-pole apparatus, Strange Fruit, a Melbourne-based performing arts company that produces and performs a remarkable style of work that fuses theatre, dance and circus. I'm pretty sure Zola's going to want in on that twirl action. Show Info: 12 November 5pm/7pm at Woodlands Civic Centre, 13 November 5/7pm at Our Tampines Hub

The Three Belles

If you’re looking for an alternative activity for the family this month, you know what to do! Here’s where to find out more, and where to download the full programme. For more updates, follow the Arts for All Facebook page and Instagram (@artsforallsg).

These are just 2 out of the more than 40 entertaining, fun and interactive performances and activities which residents in neighbourhoods can enjoy in the November edition of Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN), presented by the National Arts Council (NAC). The programme is filled with music, theatre, dance and multi-disciplinary performances, as well as art installations, music, art and photographic tours so do find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood. Some magic could just be at your doorstep.