Making It Matter


The question of purpose and our existence often requires introspection but it's also a discovery that comes with looking, and stepping, out. The beauty of diving into the unknown is knowing that you're not alone in your search and when you find a group of people that share the same heartbeat, suddenly the deep end isn't so deep anymore and you start to feel your feet touch the ground.

Late last year, I spoke to the team at MATTER and asked if we could work together to produce a capsule collection of head wraps motivated by their mission: to inspire consumers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities. I was confident they would say yes, and that I would have the opportunity to partner with an amazing team who would guide, support and teach me. What I didn't expect was to gain a family that would remind me that it is possible to reach beyond myself, and in the coming weeks, discover a true sense of purpose. 

MATTER WRAPS is a collection inspired by the Creators, Dreamers and Warriors in our lives and we can't wait to share it with all of you. Co-designed with MATTER and produced by SukkhaCitta's Field to Fabric initiative in the Jlamprang Village of Semarang, the wraps are handcrafted in the ancient art form of batik, with all proceeds going back to the initiative to cover land rental for another three years and build an Indigo Vat and workshop. In the last year, the initiative has provided stable employment for 10 women, of the 150 women in the village which engages mainly in coffee and rice cultivation.

There is so much to share so I will have to do it in parts. In the meantime, you can follow our journey to Jlamprang on all our socials and keep close until the launch. #MakeItMATTER #KampongGlam #AkanDatang.

Photos by Cherlynn Lian