East Side Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year! A season for get-togethers with good music, good food, and the wonderful tradition of gift giving (and receiving!) for friends and family.

Every year, the task of gifting is often surrounded by an element of pressure; compelled by our personal desires to find the perfect present for everyone. As it goes, most of us find ourselves shopping at the very last minute no matter how early we tell ourselves we'll start the year before and scramble alongside other late-shoppers as the 25th closes in on us. 

Ultimately, gift-giving is meant to be a joyful gesture at Christmas time with what we choose to give being the product of us paying attention to the needs of our loved ones, things we know they will love, and what they might find handy to have.

It's in that spirit of giving thoughtful and beautiful gifts that I wanted to put this East Side Gift Guide together. Because it didn't take me a trip to the City to find the perfect items to gift my friends and family this year, I just took a trip down to the old haunt to check-off a healthy portion of my gift list.

Read on to find out how you could pick up some extra vouchers to shop for your Christmas Gifts at Parkway Parade too.

CO: Home (Cotton On: Home) 

Nestled in a cosy corner within Cotton On on Level 1 (a section that I hope to see grow!!!) a stylish collection of throws, pillows and homeware in shades of grey and blush, marble and metallics, make for perfect gifts for the modern homeowner. 

So many pretty and affordable items meant that I couldn't leave without picking up some items for myself too!

Bed Bath N' Table

Another great spot to check out for a multitude of items for the home is Bed Bath N' Table. As its name suggests, everything that one might desire to decorate the tiniest corners of their home can be found here. Porcelain Chinoiserie Planters - check, Metallic Mesh Baskets for magazines, throws or toilet paper! - check, Ceramic Pineapples in every colour you require - check.

Me, I left with this sailorly French Bulldog.


I used to think shopping at Typo for gifts was the lazy way out but time and time again I've found the perfect gift for so many of my friends and family here. Their current collection is full of quirky and trendy little surprises that I know everyone will love.

Marks & Spencer

For the spontaneous house visit, there's always something already perfectly packaged at Marks & Spencer. This year the Christmas collection offers pre-packed spices to make your very own mulled wine! A welcome touch to the usual bottle of wine that most people bring to house parties. And if you're feeling extra fun, you can even record personalized holiday messages to accompany your gift! Now, I'm definitely down for that. 

GIVEAWAY: In partnership with Parkway Parade, we're giving away 2 sets of $100 vouchers to compliment your gift shopping experience this festive season. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us who you'd like to gift something extra special to this Christmas. The vouchers can be used at participating stores at Parkway Parade, but don't worry, you won't be confined to just homeware. Winners will be selected by 7pm, 16 December.

Parkway Parade is located at 80 Marine Parade Road. Open daily from 10am - 10pm.

Where you can find the list of stores:

  • Cotton On #01-33/34/34B
  • Bed Bath N' Table #B-41/41A/42
  • Typo #01-22/23
  • Marks & Spencer #02-28-32

This post is in partnership with Parkway Parade. Photos by Cherlynn Lian.