Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year. Christmas with children, has made it even better! I get to relive all my childhood Christmas memories with them – like putting up the Christmas tree with the whole family and staying up way past our bedtimes, to late night drives through the city, sticking our faces against the windows of the car to see what the malls have put up, all in the name of making our Christmas bright. Many years ago, the huge patch of land next to Parkway Parade was prime ground for the most amazing carnivals, and every year my parents would take us there over the school holidays leading up to Christmas. All these memories have contributed to this time of the year being so special to me now.

The carnival grounds may not be there anymore but it’s so good to see that year-end Christmas fun is still something that happens at Parkway Parade and new memories can now be made with my family. It even adds to the throwback that they brought in "grass" to the Christmas activity area - carnival grounds for the new era! 

From now until Dec 26, it's a sweet affair at Parkway Parade's basement outdoor plaza. Featuring the cutest Moomin characters and a pop-up store that Zola Mae took her balloon animals on a tour around, the space also features two snow sessions every day! Details below.  

2016-12-16 15.34.27.jpg

Also walked through the Sweet Whimsical Fair at the Basement atrium to pick up more gifts for the kids and some bottles for gifting on our house visits! The fair hosts a mix of participating retailers like Bottles & Bottles, Choco Express, Isetan, Yankee Candle and many more. All of which will be there until the 25th so don’t miss out on some lovely gift possibilities.

WHIMSICAL CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES, all at Basement Outdoor Plaza.

  • Fun in Falling Snow runs at 6pm & 8pm daily, from now till Dec 26
  • Moomin Pop-Up Store is open from 11am - 10pm daily, from now till Dec 26
  • Snowy Playtime runs from 12.15pm - 8.15pm daily, from now till Dec 26

 This post is in partnership with Parkway Parade. Photos by Cherlynn Lian.