I received a package last June before Ari was born and along with it came a handwritten note that read, “While you’ll be busy looking after the babies, we wanted to send you something to look after your feet. We thought this pair of Melissas would be great for when you’re running around after the kids. ” It could have been a note written by a friend.

I opened the box to find a pair of Melissa Love System Now sneakers and an unrealised friendship with a brand I had already been using and loved for years. 

We all have our go-to items for work and play and for me Melissas are always on the list. They continue to be part of my everyday; always there for every moment - big and small, constantly with me in my pursuit to live life to the fullest.

Life is like a glass under running water and the only way for it to stay full is for me to let it spill out - for it to overflow.

Filmed by Elgin Quek. Edited by Lawrence Ong. Photographed by Sharon Leisinger.

This post is in partnership with Melissa Shoes, a company that creates shoes that I have used and loved for years. The Melissa MDreams Stores are located at Wheelock Place and One Raffles Place. Their new collection can be found here.